8 Most Cost Efficient Cat Trees to Buy in Australia

Cat Scratching Post

Keep your furry friend happy and your furniture scratch-free with these impeccable cat tree options!

Cats are naturally cute and fluffy, but behind those irresistible googly eyes, every furry friend needs a place in the house where it can hang around all day and satisfy its scratching and sniffing fix.

Here are the best options for you to choose from:


Cat Scratching Poles Tree with Ladder & Hanging Toy Mouse

Cat tree with ladder



Exquisite Features:

The Cat Scratching Tree Pole with hanging toy mouse is 120cm ((H) x 53cm (W) x 53cm (D)) in dimension and comes with a tower gray color that can easily blend with your house embellishments. It has 5 perfectly fashioned sisal poles, a three-step ladder and a hanging toy mouse and hanging rope for your feline companion to rest, climb, scratch and play around all day. On top of that, there is one plush carpeted bed cube and two perching areas to indulge your cat with appropriate comfort and extra shelter.


This Cat Scratching Tree Pole was built for durability and reliability to make sure your feline friend is perfectly safe and happy. The base is guaranteed sturdy and capable of any jumping and climbing activities your cat will perform.


If you worry about the complex assembly, this cat tree is very easy and simple to assemble. It also comes with a 12 month warranty like all the other products from Aussie Sales to ensure your peace of mind.



122CM Cat Scratching Post Tree

122CM Cat Scratching Post Tree


Unique Features:

This 122cm Cat Tree comes in light grey in hue with black paw prints soft plush finish that can effortlessly match your home furniture. It is fully equipped with plush carpet to uphold more comfortability and safety for you wolly feline friend. It is 122cm tall and the base is 49 x 44 cm (W x L) in dimension. This feature ensures durability and sturdy construction for a multiple cat buddies.


The Cat Scratching Post Tree Gym House Climbing Scratcher Sisal Pol is “purrfect” for resting, scratching, sniffing and perching. It can shelter multiple playful felines with its modified fully carpeted room ( a little extra haven for your buddy) and a couple of hammocks to laze up all day.


On top of all those perks to make sure your money is put into good use.

Pawever Pets Cat Scratching Tree

Pawever Pets Cat Scratching Post Tree


Distinct Features:

Buy this Cat Scratching Tree will keep your feline buddy busy climbing and scratching all day. This product is ideal for cats in various sizes. It has a multi-level (170cm in height ) post that can accommodate your feline friend’s activities while enjoying a dash of comfort and haven to keep your furry friend happy and satisfied.


These features were smartly designed to avoid caging and scolding your feline companion. The materials (MDF/Medium Density Fibreboard and faux fur) used are highly durable to withstand excessive scratching. The clean grey colour were carefully chosen to easily match your house decors.


On top of that, this Cat Tree is ideal for training your cat and at the same time provides a good place for relaxing, lounging and sleeping. 


145cm Cat Post Pole Scratching Tree House

Cat Tree Scratcher Post


Amazing Features:

If you are the kind of a pet owner who pampers and spoils your favorite furry companion then this is the “purrfect” option for you. This cat tree is ideal for growing kittens while simultaneously increasing their agility and sharpening their claws. The modified features of this cat tree is perfect for training and keeping your cat fit and healthy.


The stylish design of this cat tree can add a little bit of extra gist to your home. It has 1 condo space if your furry pet wants a little bit of privacy and 2 extra beds for lounging and scratching. This highly recommended cat tree was built for durability and reliability that ensures fun and a safe space for you little feline.


Buy now and receive 3 perching stands, a condo space, 2 beds, a play rope and faux leaves for embellishments. 


iPet Large Cat Scratching Post Furniture Tree Pole House

260cm Cat Tree



Stylish Features:

This eco-friendly product was designed to keep away from your valued furniture. It is ideal for catering your cat’s scratching, napping, skipping and playing routines. The 7mm thick poles can withstand an excessive scratching activity to keep your furry friends paws in purrfect shape.


This environmental-friendly cat tree was built with E1 board for a long lasting and reliable use. Another purrfect feature is the fully finished velvet surface scratch tree that adds a luxurious and stylish comfort.


180cm Multi Level Cat Scratching Post - Beige

180CM Multi Level Cat Tree

Impeccable Features:

Every feline friend deserves a purrfect space to keep its natural instincts intact. Having a place to be themselves is appropriate to keep them happy and healthy and most of all keep them out of your personal belongings around the house. This cat tree was designed to help you and your pet to set boundaries.


It is a multi-level cat tree (beige in color) that guarantees to keep your feline companion scratching, lazing and playing all day on its own designated playhouse. It can cater to multiple felines and can endure excessive feline activities through time.


This product was designed with reliable materials (E1 board and non-toxic sisal rope coverings) to ensure quality and safety. On top of that, a 12 month warranty is offered to keep your peace of mind. 


134cm Multi-level Cat Scratching Tower Tree House Pole Post

134cm Multi Level Cat Tree


Purrfect Features:

This newly fashioned cat tree (beige in color) is an ideal home for your feline friend. It will motivate your cat to jump, scratch, perch, play, relax and sleep comfortably with the fully soft plush carpeted feature to keep them fit and satisfied.


It is constructed with sturdy and durable materials that ensures comfort and safety. The natural particle boards and reliable battens are carefully chosen materials to keep the cat tree stable and safe for jumping and playing. Anti-toppling fittings are also added to double the security.


195cm Tall Cat Scratching Post with Hammock

195cm Tall Cat Scratching Post



Magnificent Features:

This extra large and extra tall cat tree is the best option for multiple cat owners. It can conveniently careen to any corners of your home while your furry friends enjoy their personal space for their feline daily routines.


This cat tree was manufactured with durability and high quality materials to assure every cat owners the safety and comfortability of their furry companions.


It is approximately 195cm in height. Tall enough to challenge, train and improve your cat’s agility and feline instincts. The base is 60cm x 50cm in dimension to ensure stability of the cat tree and the bunk beds are 40cm x 30cm x 30cm in size to make sure your cat is comfortable when relaxing and sleeping.



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