How to Choose the Ideal Barstools for Your Space


Wondering how to buy new bar stools? A voguish interior design is a crucial aspect in elevating the holistic look and ambience of every space. From choosing the right palette of your walls to the intricate details of your embellishments are one of the most important keys to creating a functional and cohesive aesthetic designs.

Every single detail of the furniture counts to form an image that will work together towards one goal. Even the basic decision of choosing the most ideal bar stool for your kitchen island or for your new residential bar will require a thorough comparison to attain the look that you are aiming to achieve.

There are various types of bar stool designs that are made for a specific purpose. They often come in set of 2, set of 3 and set of 4. To choose the paragon bar stool for your space and to guide you in your purchase decisions, first get familiar with their types, designs, specifications and features. All the minor details count. After reading this guide you will have a better idea about bar stool designs to help you know how to choose the right bar stools.



Metal Bar Stools

Metal bar stools as the name pertains are basically made of metal. This selection became popular when industrial design became a go-to concept to diverse kinds of establishments. It’s less expensive, aesthetically appealing and the modern yet timeless look it projects makes it a practical choice. Metal bar stools are sturdy, has a longer life span and design conducive.


Metal bar stools are a cheap due to their simplicity and are a more cost efficient option while still providing an appealing industrial feature. They are common in cafes, residential spaces and office kitchen/lunchrooms. They range in size but it is typically 44 (L) x 44 (W) x 76 (H) cm in dimension. Most metal bar stools have anti-rust quality, rubber foot covering to protect your floors and heavy-duty footrest makes it ideal for daily use and excessive usage.


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This article will help you choose the right Barstool



PU Leather Bar Stools

PU Leather bar stools have upholstered PU leather seating ideal for elegant and high-end spaces. Leather bar stools are extremely comfortable and luxurious. The Faux Leather not only makes them animal cruelty-free, but also makes them more costs efficient. They are easy to clean and stain resilient. It’s neat and sophisticated appearance can easily fit in with modern high-end interior designs. The sleek and simple aesthetic will add an accentuated comfort and luxury to your home embellishments.


PU Leather Bar Stools are generally used indoors or in the shade if used outdoors. So generally they are not recommended to be used outdoors if they are going to be in contact with direct sunlight. Their elegant look makes them the best bar stools for the kitchen.


Furthermore, the seating dimensions ranges generally from 55-65cm and 60-80cm in height. It is usually constructed with either chrome metal legs or shiny wooden finish.


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Elegant PU Leather Bar Stools



Swivel Bar Stools

Swivel bar stools conveniently rotate from 180 to 360 degrees without moving the base. Swivel bar stools are modified to fit the taste of high-end bars or to match that unique vintage countertop. Swivel bar stools have features intended for additional comfort and flexibility. Some come with adjustable seats that can easily be tucked under Kitchen counters.


Choosing a swivel bar stool for your space adds functionality without compromising the design. It comes with a diverse selection from upholstered tufted canvas seating to wooden industrial bar stool with a hunch of old school rustic vintage charm.


Swivel bar stools vary in size and are perfect for pubs and cafes, basically any environment depending on the design, whether it’s Metal, PU Leather, Wood, Long Backrest, Short Backrest or Backless. They are also great Breakfast Chairs.


The diversity and the convenience it adheres makes it the top most practical choice.


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This section talks about swivel bar stools



Gas-Lift Bar Stools

Gas-lift bar stools basically have gas-lift mechanism that makes it easier to maneuver and adjust seat height. This bar stool design can cater for an array heights of counters and kitchen islands – also giving them the flexibility to be tucked under the bench at the lower height setting.


Gas-lift stools come in a very diverse design. From a vintage industrial look accentuated with reclaimed rustic wood to a modern take of eclectic styling at par with PU leather seat and chrome finished legs. Their flexibility to adjust to you counter height definitely makes them the best counter stools.


Gas-lift bar stools generally come in 101-111cm seat height and 55-65 in width. If you are planning on adding a spice, functionality and refurbishing your kitchen counters, has a selection of elegant, quality and cost-effective Gas-lift Bar Stools.


Gas-lift with height adjustability make them best counter stools



Coastal Bar Stools

Coastal bar stools are made of eco-friendly materials with flexible functionality. It is a paragon fit for tropical interiors that screams for a bright and sunny ambience with blue green clear waters and cold drinks under the sun. Coastal bar stools typically features wicker rattan materials. It is durable and flexible makes it a stool with high-quality and comfort specifications.


The coastal bar stool is resilient to any weather conditions and can adhere to excessive heat from the sun, making it ideal to be used outdoors. It is usually built with either wooden or metal legs. This design will add a touch of tropical ambience in your home with a dash of oriental aesthetic.


It comes with a typical 50 x 50 x 104cm dimensions. Thus, if you’re in the process of putting up a bar by the pool in your house, Wicker Rattan Bar Stool from Aussie Sales is just perfect. 


Wicker Rattan Stools are eco-friendly and perfect for outdoor use



Backrest Bar Stools 

For an extra dose of comfort, Backrest Bar Stools are ideal to buy for cafe restaurants or your home’s breakfast nooks. There are two types of backrest bar stools, one is small lip backrest which is basically middle ranged in height. Small lip backrest can be easily tucked under the bar counter on top of its added comfort and flexible design. Another type is backrest bar stool with larger or higher backrest, primarily built for the mere luxury of comfort.


Backrest bar stools have a wide range of designs from industrial to modern contemporary designs. This selection adds a gist to the interiors without compromising comfort and functionality. They also make great outdoor chairs.


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Backrests on barstools can provide extra comfort