12V Impact Wrench

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12V Impact Wrench 340Nm Torque 1/2" Drive Shaft 100W Forward Reverse

Huge 340Nm of punch – perfect for breaking loose seized nuts – includes 3.8m of cable with a 12V cig plug for power. Includes hard case and 17mm,19mm, 21mm, and 23mm impact sockets!

Easy, fast way to undo and tighten wheel nuts or other tight fasteners on any 4WD

Every 4WDer should keep one in their vehicle. These devices are really popular, because they make undoing your wheel nuts a quick and easy task!

The Hercules 12v Impact wrench uses a specially developed centrifugal two way clutch system. It can be powered from a 12V cig socket or direct from a 12V battery. Maximum torque output is 340Nm (250ft/lbs) which is greater than the torque settings of most wheel nuts. Many 4WD wheel nuts need an impacting action to undo them – that’s where the Hercules Impact Wrench comes in handy!


  • HUGE 340Nm of torque
  • Forward and reverse gears for any track-side fix
  • 3.8m of fused cigarette lead
  • Comes with carry case for easy storage
  • 2x double sided impact sockets 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 23mm


  • To loosen nuts, press and hold left hand side of switch until impacting action occurs
  • NOTE: there may be a delay of 3-5 seconds before initial impact occurs
  • It may take a few impacts to loosen very tight wheel nuts
  • If nuts are extremely tight start the vehicle’s engine
  • Press right hand of switch to tighten wheel nuts
  • Always check nuts with torque wrench to ensure adequate tension
  • To tighten nuts, press right hand of switch
  • Always check nuts with torque wrench to ensure correct torque specification as per your vehicle’s user manual


  • Voltage: 12 volt DC
  • Drive Size: Standard 1/2" drive shaft
  • Weight: 3 kgs
  • Max Torque: 340Nm
  • Power: 100W

Package Contents:

  • Impact Wrench with 3.8m cable with cigarette lighter plug
  • Battery adaptor with alligator clips
  • Single hex impact sockets; 17/19 & 21/23mm
  • Spare fuses
  • Hub cap remover