168cm Steel Weight Barbell Bar

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168cm Barbell Weight Lifting Bar Bench Press

Steel Weight Barbell Bar is a valuable tool in the arsenal of a person who wants to gain strength efficiently and safely. Increasing the weight gradually over a period of time will tear down muscle tissue and then rebuild it, ultimately making you stronger.

When you are thinking of joining gym and paying thousands, why not consider getting these basic equipment and have a home fitness session? Simply blast some music or turn on your TV, keep yourself occupied with some easy lifting instead of slacking on the couch and do nothing! Healthy and productive.

Our barbell bar is designed to fit most standard 28mm hole weight plates and able to hold up to 150kg. If you're looking to train up your arm muscles, this is the right one to go for!

Why wait? Get one now to start your build up! Or just simply for firming! Always a good addition at home!

  • Strong chrome plated steel barbell --- Guaranteed will last for a long time
  • Barbell plates distance adjustable from 91cm-105cm
  • Detachable --- For easy storage
  • Designed to fit most standard 28mm hole weight plates
  • BONUS 2 spring collars --- To prevent plate weights from sliding off the bar
  • Provide versatility --- Can help you strengthen virtually every muscle in the body
  • Very simple to use --- Learning the basic lifts won't take very long
  • Adaptability --- You always can add more weight as you become stronger
  • Functionality--- They also help you perfect dynamic power lifts because barbells require the entire body to function as a coordinated unit
  • Provides many physical benefits --- When you lift weights, you increase your bone density which is essential to preventing osteoporosis
  • Help you makes stronger --- Which allows you to do things with less effort, which boosts confidence
  • Safer to learn new exercises --- Barbells allow you to move more weight than you could with a dumbbell
  • Valuable tool --- A good choice for competitive powerlifters, olympic weightlifters, and to an extent bodybuilders
  • Barbell training ensures that time is not wasted --- Silly exercise machines, and endless slow motion cardio will never match the kind of results a good barbell training
  • It Is Very Rewarding --- Barbell training forces us to deal with heavy resistance and we adapt to it
  • Material is made of steel w/ chrome coating --- Very durable and resists corrosion
  • Weight capacity up to 120kg
  • Comes with 12 Months Warranty for your peace of mind

  • Material: Steel w/ chrome coating
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Length: 168cm
  • Diameter: 28mm
  • Weight capacity: 120kg

Package Contents
  • 1 x 168cm Steel Weight Barbell Bar
  • 1 x Spring Collar