2IN1 Car Battery Charger Jump Starter

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ROSSMARK 2IN1 Car Battery Charger Jump Starter 12V 

Here comes the all new Rossmark CD-55R that is rapidly catching a lot of attention and becoming the most demanded multi-functional battery charger both in Australia and New Zealand.

With our array of the newest intelligent battery chargers, you can extend your battery life and uphold performance at its best level. Our battery chargers are ideal both for home and business use. You can rely upon our top performing battery chargers, which is assured to give you total gratification.

This newest Rossmark CD-55R Intelligent Battery Charger carries a strict cuff, giving a fantastic 40 Amps, which surely makes it the better choice for battery upkeep and workshops! The CD-55R has twin 12V and 24V charging, integrated with a practical ammeter to display the charge pace and the charge status of your battery.

It's ideal for lead-acid batteries, with an incorporated security mechanism for accidental reverse polarity, overheat and overload as well as fast and slow charge setting, for safe and dependable charging. Select Rossmark battery chargers to get the best charging experience - it's the ultimate choice!

How to calculate your battery's charging time?

It's a pretty straight forward formula to calculate: Battery's Charging Time = Battery capacity (Ah) ÷ Charging Current deducting losses. For example: A 100Ah battery will use about 4 hours to fully charge (permitting for 20% efficiency loss).

The best Rossmark battery chargers are accessible now right at your figure tips! Moreover, Rossmark Battery Chargers are supported by 1 Year Warranty! Make a smart investment straight away by acquiring the ultimate device for your home or professional use. Get It Right Now...

  • Reliable Heavy Duty Portable Battery Charger
  • Very Stable and High Quality
  • Top Handle let you carry with comfort
  • Fast/Slow Charge Settings
  • Reliable 12/24 Volts Output
  • Battery clamp + replacement fuse included
  • Easily charges the battery
  • Jump start your car in no time
  • Overload protective circuit
  • Voltage meter to display charge rate
  • Light Weight & Portable
  • Standard household 10A plug
  • Comes with 12 Months Warranty for your peace of mind
  • Output Voltage: 12/24V
  • Max. Rated Reference Capacity: 320Ah
  • Plug Type: (Standard Household 10A)
  • Parts: Always Available
  • Weight: 11.5 kg
  • Input Voltage: 240V /50Hz
  • Current Output: 40A
  • Min. Rated Reference Capacity: 120Ah
  • Class of Insulation: IP23
  • Size: 300 x 220x 260 mm
  • Warranty: 1 Year
Package Contents:
  • 1 X ROSSMARK Battery Charger
  • 1 X Battery Clamps
  • 1 X Fuse
  • 1 X User Manual