4.2 Litre Dutch Oven with Accessories

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4.2L Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Accessories and Carrying Bag (Black)

This Dutch oven, with a capacity of 4.2 L, is an ideal model for beginners and professionals alike. A Dutch oven can be used to make casseroles, stews, roasts, etc.

This Dutch oven is delivered with a black carrying bag, a cover with a raised edge, a lid lifter and a stand. Made of high quality materials, this heavy-duty Dutch oven is highly durable. The included black carrying bag keeps the oven clean during transport.

This Dutch oven is a versatile cooking tool for use at home or in the wild and will be ideal for cooking, baking and frying.

  • Premium Dutch oven made from durable and long lasting cast iron material
  • Incredible maximum capacity of 4.2 litres to take on large cooking needs
  • Ideal for use to both beginners and professionals
  • Conveniently makes stews, roasts, casseroles, and others
  • Comes with a bonus black carrying bag for you to easily bring it during trips
  • Added accessories include a cover with a raised edge, lid lifter, and a stand
  • Heavy-duty construction makes it resilient to constant use and abuse
  • Versatile enough for cooking in a typical home setting or outdoors
  • Can also be used for baking and frying
  • Comes with 12 months warranty for your peace of mind
  • Material: Cast iron
  • Pot dimensions: 30 x 27 x 15 cm (L x W x H)
  • Capacity: 4.2 L
  • Lid diameter: 25.5 cm
  • Stand size: 20 x 5 cm (Φ x H)
  • Lid lifter length: 20 cm
Package Contents:
  • 1 x Dutch oven
  • 1 x Lid lifter
  • 1 x Stand
  • 1 x Carrying Bag