400/800kg Electric Hoist

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Electric Hoist Winch 400/800KG Rope Lift Tool Remote Chain Lifting Cable

This 800KG Electric Winch Hoist comes in handy for jobs that involve heavy lifting. The machine is able to lift heavy items easily and quickly. This enables you to move items comfortably and efficiently. It saves you from much labor and time which helps to keep working costs low..

It is ideal for places like the garage, store, and warehouse. The hoist can be bolted to an overhead beam for lifting jobs and suspending heavy loads without straining your back. This 800KG Electric Hoist is packed with impressive features, so you can be assured lifting jobs are easier, quicker, and safer. CE, GS, RoHS, C-tick and EMC Approval

It gives you significant savings on manpower over time. Coupled with the high performance output, this makes it a fantastic cost-effective investment for anybody who needs a helping hand when it comes to heavy lifts. This 800KG Electric Hoist is an essential handy tool for your vertical lifting jobs. Start using one in your workshop today and make your life a breeze!

  • Powered by Lateral-Magnetic Single-Phase Capacitance Motor
  • Emergency Instant Stop Switch allowing you to be in full control
  • Single and Double Rope Lifting, adjustable to your needs
  • Overload Protection Function - prevents damage to the power supply from over current
  • Electric version gets the job done in just a fraction of time allowing you to work for longer which increases the performance output
  • Less noise generated by the electric winch compared to hydraulic and manual hoists which makes for a more comfortable working environment
  • Can be used in your home garage, automotive garages, machine workshops, manufacturing facilities, and even food preparation warehouses
  • Electric hoists have less moving parts and develop a reduced amount of wear and tear compared to both manual and hydraulic hoists
  • Gives you significant savings on manpower over time making it a cost-effective investment
  • Can be used as double rope to double the rope capacity for those extra heavy lifts
  • Useful for both industrial and private purposes and ensure maximum efficiency
  • High load capacity allows you to comfortably undertake lifting of a wide range of loads
  • Quality bearings and moving parts provide for a safe and user friendly machine
  • A sheet steel lever arm ensures the limit switch is performing at its best
  • Perfect alternative to lifting by hand
  • 15 Metres Durable High Tensile Cable
  • CE, GS, RoHS, C-tick and EMC Approval
  • Comes with 12 Months Warranty for your peace of mind
  • Single Rope Capacity: 400kg
  • Double Rope Capacity: 800kg
  • Lifting speed: Single Rope 10 metres/min, Double Rope 5 metres/min
  • Voltage: AC 240V/50Hz
  • Input power: 1300W
  • Lifting height: Single Rope 15m, Double Rope 7.5m
  • Rope Type: 7x19 Structure Wire Rope
  • Rope Diameter: 5.1mm
  • Lifting speed: Single Rope 10 metres/min, Double Rope 5 metres/min
  • Length of power cable: 0.8m
  • Length of control switch cable: 1.8m
  • Weight: 18.5kg
Package Contents:
  • 1 x 1300W Electric Hoist
  • 1 x User Manual