44 Bin Wall Mounted Tools Storage Rack

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44 Bin Wall Mounted Rack Storage Organizer Shed Work Bench Workshop Garage

Our storage rack has 44 organizer parts that include 28 bins, 14 tool holders, and two pegboards. It is wall mounted for easy reach and to maximize storage. It's perfect to tidy up your work areas such as sheds, workbench, workshops, home garages. One of its main features is that it can be easily set up and assembled. The bins have two different colors for you to better distinguish the tools, parts or anything that you would put in it.

There are also slots for labeling for easier identification. The pegboard is ultra-durable that makes it last longer. Bins have three sizes for different tools and accessories. The removable design would make it convenient for you to access the tools. Pinholes are also provided for tool holders and hooks. The mounting design is upgraded to ensure the stability. Additionally, the layout can be changed easily. It's a must-have for your workstations!


  • Organise and tidy up your garage
  • Perfect solution for tools and accessories storage
  • All mount racks tap into the existing structure of the house or building
  • Wall mount racks provide you with house equipment safely and effectively in a normal work area
  • Wall mounted racks can be set a height that allows you to make use of the space below
  • This is perfect for housing a small amount of equipment in a crowded mixed-use workspace.
  • You can also put filing cabinets, below the wall mounted storage rack
  • Working with this wall mounted storage rack keeps work area neat and tidy
  • There are 3 bin sizes for different tools and accessories.
  • Upgraded mounting slot design for extra stability
  • There are labeling spot w/ sticker or marker pen
  • Detachable bin design
  • Ultra-durable pegboard
  • Layout can be changed easily
  • It is a heavy duty storage material
  • This kit comes with 14 tool holders,
  • There are tiny bins for small tools
  • There are also medium Bins for average tools
  • The large bins have two colors to make it more organized
  • Come in several sizes to accommodate any tool.
  • Heavy duty storage material



  • 44 Parts: 28 Bins, 14 x Tool Holder, 2 x Peg Board
  • 16 x Small Bin Dimension: 10 x 9 x 5cm
  • 8 x Medium Bin Dimension: 10 x 16 x 7cm
  • 4 x Large Bin Dimension: 10 x 21 x 7cm
  • 2 x Peg Board Dimension: 48 x 54cm

Package Contents:

  • 1 x 44 Bins Storage Rack Set
  • 1 x Assembly Instruction