50 Piece Impact-X Driver Bit Set

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Makita Driver Bit Set 50pc Impact Screwdriver Contractor Bits

ImpactX is a line of impact-rated insert bits and fastening accessories built specifically for the demands of the professional contractor. Professionals require commercial duty bits and fastening accessories that can endure the force of high-volume screw driving applications with high torque impact drivers. Standard screwdriver bits are brittle and fit poorly into fasteners, and in applications, with high torque impact drivers, this losing combo quickly leads to broken bits. ImpactX hits back with improved fitment and increased performance with high torque impact drivers. Precision machined (not forged) tips ensure full contact fit, while performance-optimized and heat-treated S2 steel provides more flex and more durability than standard, brittle bits.

  • Precision machined tips with superior fitment for full contact fit and longer life
  • Performance-optimized S2 steel construction for extended life
  • Calibrated heat treating process for added durability
  • Manganese Phosphate surface for advanced corrosion resistance
  • Optimal geometry for an ideal fit and improved holding power
  • Engineered to withstand the extreme power of high-torque impact drivers
  • Ideal for driving screws in a variety of heavy duty applications including metal fastening, deck building, framing, and installing plywood subfloor
  • For use with high torque impact drivers and driver-drills
  • Xpand Storage System™ is removable and holds up to 50 extra 1" insert bits
  • Bit keepers rotate up to 90º for easy bit removal
  • Impact X provides the 3 most popular drives for the Australian market, Phillips head, Square drive (Robertson head) and Hex head. 25mm insert bits for use with the magnetic bit holders as well as the 50 mm / 85 mm bits for regular fastening application
  • The range includes both solid 1 piece and 2 piece magnetic bit holders in 4 lengths, with the C-Clip lock in for your 25mm Insert bits
  • This range has 45 mm, 65 mm and 150mm with the impact rated S2 steel and calibrated heat treatment for added durability
  • Provided in 35 / 40 / 50 piece these sets offer a range of driver bits and adaptors in a hard storage case with the Xpand Storage Tube to store the 150mm Xtra long driver bits and adaptors or 50 x 25 mm bits / 20 x 50mm bits
  • 3 main square adaptors 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 in both 50 mm and 150 mm long bits provided with chamfered edges and ball bearing retention for the sockets
  • Comes with 12 month warranty
  • 50PC IMPACT-X Driver Bit Set
  • 25mm Insert Bits
    • Sizes: 2 x PH1, 9 x PH2, 2 x PH3, 2 x SQ1, 4 x SQ2, 2x SQ3, 1 x T10, 2x T15, 2 x T20, 2 x T25, 1 x T27, 1 x T30, 1 x SL8, 1 x SL10,
    • Length: 25mm
  • 50mm Power bits:
    • Sizes: 3 x PH2, 1 x PH3, 1 x SQ2, 1 x SQ3, 1 x T15, 1 x T20, 1 x T25, 1x SL10
    • Length: 50mm
  • 85mm Power bits:
    • Sizes: 1x PH2, 1x SQ2
    • Length: 85mm
  • Magnetic Insert Bit Holder
    • Sizes: 60mm and 150mm
  • Type: Socket adapter
    • Size: 3/8”
    • Length: 50mm
  • Magnet Nutsetter
    • Sizes: 1x H1/4”, 1x H5/16”, 1x H3/8”
    • Length: 45mm
Package Contents:
  • 32 x 1" insert Bits
  • 10 x 2" Power Bits
  • 2 x 3-1/2" Power Bits
  • 2 x Insert Bit Holders
  • 1 x 2" Socket Adapter
  • 3 x 1-3/4" Nut Drivers