Animal Pet Cage with Stand & Feeder

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100cm Pet Cage Hutch Rabbit Guinea Pig Hamster Habitat with Stand & Feeder

A perfect home for your beloved rabbit, guineas pigs or other small animals. Giving them plenty of room to play and nap. It's a secure environment that make them feel safe and happy at all times. Built with heavy duty powder coated frame, you can be rest assured that this will be a long lasting home for your little pets. Equipped with secure locks and small-spaced wires, you don't have to worry an escaping pets.

Designed with top and side wide entrance that allows you to take them out easily or pat them while they're inside. For your convenience, it's built with castor wheels for easy moving and detachable top to clean the base anytime.


  • Perfect home for small pets, including rabbits, chincillas, and guinea pigs
  • Decent dimensions provide enough room for playing and sleeping
  • Reinforced with heavy-duty powder coated stand for added stability
  • Durable plastic base means there are no worries about deterioration due to water exposure
  • Secure environment inside keeps your pet safe, happy, and protected all the time
  • Small-spaced wires all around ensures there is no escaping from those naughty and stubborn little animals
  • Equipped with secure locks for additional security and protection
  • Detachable bottom specifically added for convenient cleaning and removal of pet poop, urine, food debris, and other wastes
  • High wall on base means those waste and debris won't easily spill and wreak havoc on the ground
  • Detachable option for the stand
  • Castor wheel stand makes it easier to move this deluxe home wherever and whenever you want
  • Bottom storage space gives an additional area for storing your pet stuff, including food, water, accessories, and toys
  • Wide secure door allows you to stroke your pet without the need to let them out and feed it anytime
  • Quick release clips helps in fastening the base and lid together without hassle
  • Side handles allows easy and convenient carrying of the cage with the pet in it
  • Chew-proof wires means there is no risk of your pet ingesting something it shouldn't
  • Comes with a bonus feeding bowl so you no longer have to buy another one
  • Hay rack included in the package
  • Easy and quick set-up with no required tools or special skills
  • Comes with 12 Months Warranty for your peace of mind


  • Stand material: Powder coated steel
  • Cage base material: Plastic
  • Bar space: 2cm
  • Bar gauge: 4mm
  • Overall dimensions: 99(L) X 53(W) X 106(H) cm

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Cage with Stand