Bernzomatic 3-IN-1 Micro Torch

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MICRO TORCH Soldering Tips Hot Blower Hobby and Household Use

Designed for precision work including fine soldering, jewelry repairs, craft projects and heat shrinking wire, the Detail Torch for Hobby and Household Use features three interchangeable settings: fine soldering, hot air blower and pinpoint flame.

An electric ignition makes lighting quick and easy, an adjustable flame control knob allows for a fine-tuned precision flame, and continuous flame lock keeps the torch lit while in use.


  • Burner
  • Air adjustment slide
  • Gas adjustment dial
  • Safety switch
  • Gas filling valve
  • Stand base
  • Adjustable flame control easily sizes flame for different applications
  • Trigger ignition easily ignites and extinguishes flame
  • Continuous flame lock keeps torch lit
  • Pinpoint flame for detailed work
  • Three interchangeable settings: fine solder, hot air blower and pencil flame
  • CPSC approved child resistant ignition
  • For use with butane fuel, such as the Bernzomatic 5.5 oz. Butane Cylinder
  • Comes with 12 Months Warranty for your peace of mind
  • Brand: Bernzomatic
  • Model: ST2200T
Package Contents:
  • Micro torch
  • Solder tip
  • Hot blower