Electric Food Dehydrator

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Kogan Electric Food Dehydrator 5 Dehydrating Layers

Make delicious dehydrated snacks and free up space in your cupboards with this electric food dehydrator. Preserve food and create natural, healthy snacks with the Kogan Electric Food Dehydrator. Easily adjust temperature settings on the LCD display to dehydrate a variety of different foods including fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and more!

Create big batches of delicious snacks or dehydrate multiple foods at once with 5 dehydrating layers. Made from a durable, transparent plastic, it’s easy to track the progress of your food.

  • Make dehydrated and healthy snacks the quickest and most convenient way possible
  • Free up space in your cupboards by using this electric food dehydrator as storage
  • Can dehydrate just about anything, including fruits, herbs, vegetables, and more
  • Comes equipped with five durable plastic layers for added protection
  • Transparent plastic material lets you see what's inside your food dehydrator
  • Bonus give drying trays so you can take on as much food as possible
  • LCD display for convenient control and monitoring
  • Operates between the temperatures of 40 to 70 degrees Celcius
  • Quiet operating volume makes sure no one gets disturbed
  • Comes with digital temperaturee settings
  • Designed to extendd shelf life of your most preferred foods
  • Temperate settings are readily adjustable
  • Overheat protection ensures it won't cause fire or damage the appliance
  • Lightweight at a little over 3 kilograms for easy carrying and transport
  • Sufficient 250W power
  • Additional mesh screen
  • Comes with 12 months warranty for your peace of mind

  • Dimensions: 334 x 263.2 x 286.6mm
  • Weight: 3.23kg
  • Operating Volume: 70dB ~ 85dB
  • Temperature Control Range: 40~70°C
  • Power Requirements: 250W, 230V~50Hz

Package Contents:
  • 1 x Electric Food Dehydrator
  • 5 Dry Layers
  • Mesh Screen