Engine Data Scan (EDS) Computer Diagnostic Tool

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Engine Data Scan Computer Scan Tool Digital Gauge Trip Car Black Box for 4WDs AU

Multi-function digital scan tool,read and clear engine fault codes, simple 1 plug installation takes seconds.

With four main categories of functions, an EDS can be used as a scan tool, as a digital gauge that displays up to four parameters like absolute throttle position or fuel rail pressure, as a trip computer and as a vehicle black box.

Easy to install and simple to use, the EDS is a must-have on modern 4WDs.

EDS is a slave gauge and can only display data channels that are sent out to it from the engines computer. The number of channels will vary between vehicle models but may include the channels listed below.


    • It works as a scan tool to help you troubleshoot problems of all OBD2/EOBD compliant vehicles.
    • Works with all OBDII compliant vehicles.
    • Reads & clears trouble codes.
    • Easily determines the cause of the “Check Engine Light (MIL)”.
    • Turns off Check Engine Light, and resets monitors.
    • Views freeze frame data.
    • Displays monitor and I/M readiness status.
    • Retrieves vehicle information (VIN, CIN and CVN).


  • It will measure/monitor up to four different sets of information simultaneously, providing real-time engine performance analysis, allowing you to adjust driving behavior and save fuel.
    • Fuel system status
    • Vehicle speed
    • Engine coolant temperature
    • Fuel rail pressure
    • Intake manifold absolute pressure
    • Engine speed
    • Calculated load value
    • Ignition Timing
    • Intake air temperature
    • Absolute throttle position
    • Short term fuel trim
    • Oxygen sensor output voltage
    • Air flow rate
    • Commanded secondary air status


  • It will display such useful information as average trip Kilometres per litre (km/l), tank km/l, average speed per trip, average speed per tank of fuel, kilometers to empty, kilometers driven on tank, and more.
    • Maximum Speed
    • Average Speed
    • Driving Time
    • Driving Distance
    • Fuel Used
    • Trip Fuel Economy
    • Distance to Empty
    • Time to Empty
    • Fuel to Empty
    • Engine Power


  • It will save up to 300 hours of your driving data. Works as a vehicle black box to store every trip.
    • Time and date for each trip
    • Distance traveled each trip
    • Maximum speed during trip
    • Time over speed
    • Times of extreme acceleration during trip
    • Times of extreme deceleration during trip
    • Times of hard accelerations and braking Average speed
    • Average fuel consumption
    • Comes with 12 Months Warranty for your peace of mind


  • Brand: EDS
  • Driving Data: Up-to 300 hours

Package Contents:

  • 1 x 4-in-1 Engine Data Scan