GPS Heads Up Display HUD Unit

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GPS Heads Up Display HUD Unit Car Speedometer Universal Vehicle

GPS speed – projects speed to windscreen - includes stick on transparent projection surface – easy installation 12v cig plug – adjustable display in any light.

Keep your eyes on the road and ensure you’re always driving safely under the speed limit with an Adventure Kings HUD.

Designed to suit almost any vehicle, the HUD sits on your dash and projects your speed and direction of travel onto your windscreen, directly in your line of sight.

It uses GPS technology to display your speed, so it’s not affected by changing tyre sizes, diff gear ratios or your old dodgy speedo!

Super easy to install, this is one bit of gear that’s a no brainer for your daily driver, or tourer!


  • Accurately monitor your vehicle’s speed – even if it has larger tyres
  • Super easy to install - Fits all vehicles
  • Easy to read during day and night
  • Plastic flexible combiner - Attaches to any windscreen shape
  • Super bright green LCD display - Quickly and easily check your speed


  • Brand: Adventure Kings
  • Display Type: Head Up Display(HUD)
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Head Up Display(HUD)