Portable Ice Cube Maker

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3.2L Portable Ice Cube Maker Machine Stainless Steel with LCD Display Silver

Our new ice cube maker has a 3.2L water capacity that you can take advantage of. It can make a variety of ice cubes that have a bullet shape and three sizes (small, medium, large) that are perfect for your adventures and activities. With that, an LCD display is provided for you to choose the size that you desire and it's just a press away to have it started operating. It can surprisingly make 9 cubes in a minute that is a total of 15KG per day. You don't need to check it from time to time since it has an automatic shutting off feature whenever the machine is already full. The durability is ensured since it has a stainless steel body and silver color that adds to its appealing look.

Benchtop counter top which is its design makes it portable and easy to be stored in your chosen space. It has a quiet operation that ensures zero interruption while you're using it. You don't have to wait for too long for it to make ice cubes 'cause it has a rapid ice-making process. If you're eco-friendly, it's a must-have considering that it's highly efficient and energy saving. It's ideal for homes, cafes, camping, parties and any other indoor/activities of your choice. Apart from those features, it's child-friendly since it's easy to use.

It would be an exceptional ice cube-making experience that you can't resist!

  • It can be placed wherever, provided there's an outlet to plug in.
  • The compact design makes it suitable for your chosen area that has free enough space.
  • If there's no electrical outlet it can be plugged into the car that makes it portable.
  • It makes ice fast, you don't have to wait longer.
  • The portable ice cube makers don't require draining or water line.
  • Instead of wasting the excess water from melted cubes, portable ice makers use it all. They recycle melted cubes to make more ice.
  • For the product's small size, portable ice makers produce a surprisingly large amount of ice each day.
  • The ice cube maker is a child and elderly friendly because it is easy to operate.
  • Making ice is as simple as pouring water in the tank, turning it on, and coming back in a matter of minutes to find beautifully frozen ice ready for use.
  • It can make a variety of bullet-shaped ice cube sizes which include small, medium and large.
  • Its ideal for evening, social, camping trip and any other outdoor or indoor activities.
  • A portable ice maker will provide you with odor free, clean, bright and fresh ice for your family and guests.
  • Durability is ensured since the product has a stainless steel shell.
  • You will have a clean and tasty ice cubes.
  • It has LCD display enables you to set the timer and for simple operation.
  • A must-have product 'cause it's eco-friendly that's highly efficient and energy-saving
  • It can make 9 cubes in just 6 minutes!
  • You can maximize the use of the 3.2L water tank to have as much ice cubes that you want
  • It has a stable and quiet operation that would give zero interruption
  • Full ice sensor is one of the best features of the product that automatically shuts off when ice is full

  • Power voltage: AC220-240V/ 50-60Hz
  • Power rating: 120W
  • Water tank capacity: 3.2L
  • Timer range: 0.5-19.5 hours
  • Ice making capacity: 12~15kg/ 24hr
  • Ice bin capacity: 1kg
  • Ice sizes: S/ M/ L
  • Cycle: 9 cubes per 6 minutes

Package Contents:
  • 1 x Ice Maker
  • 1 x Ice Scoop
  • 1 x User Manual