Remington Pro Shine Hot Rollers

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Remington Hot Rollers Heated Hair Curlers Curling Styling w/ Clips

Make curls last longer with less heat damage and get the red-carpet look every time. Create no-fuss, enviable glamour with Remington Ionic Rollers. The introduction of ions within these rollers is a miracle if you struggle with frizz. The ions tame any hair charge, leaving you with smooth, healthy, frizz-free results that shine.

What’s more, these rollers let you style right up to the roots to achieve those bigger, voluminous styles. Typically, four smaller rollers work the lower sections, ten medium rollers style the centre, with six bigger ones on the final top section of hair.

These rollers have cool touch ends to ensure heat is applied to the hair only, making the rollers super comfortable to wear.

  • Ionic conditioning for frizz-free and shiny hair results
  • Luxury velvet-coated designs for easier curling and snag-free results
  • Innovative wax core to retain high heat, help set curls faster, and maintain curls longer
  • Cool Touch ends for more comfortable styling - peace of mind with every use. The cool-touch roller ends keep you away from the heat
  • 20 easy to use plastic clips in 3 sizes
  • 20 colour coded pins in 3 sizes
  • Ready to use dot indicator - on the top of each roller sits a dot that changes color when the roller is ready for use
  • Exclusive J-Clip for Better Hold and Less Creasing - the color-coded clips match easily with each roller size, and keep hair in place to set-in your gorgeous curls
  • 20 rollers in three sizes - this set provides the variety you need to create glamorous curls to make you stand out in a crowd
  • Velvety rollers - rollers stay in place thanks to a soft, velvety material that gently grips hair
  • On-indicator light - see when the power is on with the small light on the front of the roller set
  • Compact storage case -the travel-sized storage case and heating unit is easy to take with you
  • Compact storage case -the travel-sized storage case and heating unit is easy to take with you
  • Storage Guide - slots for the rollers are marked clearly for fast and easy storage
  • Comes with 12 Months Warranty for your peace of mind
  • Rollers: 20 (4 small, 10 medium, 6 large)
  • Pins : 20 Colour coded in 3 sizes
  • Clips: 20 in 3 sizes
Package Contents:
  • 1 x Remington Pro Shine Hot Rollers